Q: Is Yolo Booth messy?

Yolo Booth can be as messy as you want it to be. Even the Yolo ‘Party Booth’ with all the messy stuff is completely contained to the booths floor, which we provide and take home with us. Your venues floor will be completely safe.

Your guests, even with the Party Booth can choose what they want to do so there will be clean and messy options all night. No one will be told what to use prop wise, we just offer suggestions.

Q: How much space do I need?

You only need 4 x 4 meters of space to host the booth at your event.

Q: Does the booth need it’s own room at the venue?

No way Jose’. We can place the booth anywhere on your events open floor space, often we setup in a corner of the room but can totally setup in a dedicated room if you have that option at your venue.

Q: Can Yolo Booth operate outdoors or during the day?

Yes to both. Outdoors will be weather dependant, of course, but day or night is fine outdoors if we have clear skies.

Q: What does Yolo Booth provide?

Everything! You literally do not need to provide anything but the floor space. We bring the backdrop, lighting, props, everything.

Q: Are smoke detectors a problem at indoor venues?

If your booth includes coloured smoke we will need to consult with your venue as to whether this will trigger their smoke detection system. If so, we just remove the coloured smoke from our prop kit that’s all.